Michael Jackson has 3 friends

Has he really? At least that’s what MySpace is telling us:

Michael Jackson has 3 friends

I wonder who Tom might be since he is one of Michael’s very few friends. We also find out that there’s nothing to say “About Michael Jackson” (who is he anyway?) and that Michael has just recently became a MySpace fan: he’s been a member since 6/25/2009. He probably registered just before he died. But wait! There’s more… Everybody knows that Elvis is still alive (and he always will) but apparently Michael hasn’t died either: if you read carefully you’ll see that Michael’s last login was on 6/27/2009. I kind of always had the feeling that this would be the case. Michael couldn’t have died – at least not in our hearts.

This is the Myspace Michael Jackson Memorial Page with Javascript disabled. It’s funny how much the web has come to depend on Javascript, Flash and more eye-candy byte-consuming traffic-making technology. The web used to be a way of linking information and some images perhaps. Then it became pretty. Now the prettiness has taken over our lives: we are required to use the “pretty” technologies in order to access the services. Somehow this doesn’t seem right.

Neither does the template that conquers our lives: Michael had to fit in the Myspace template and he just didn’t fit in just right. I’m sure he has millions or maybe billions of friends apart from Tom and I’m sure that they all wish they had been more friendly to him when he was alive – when he needed them the most. We somehow forgot during the last few years about what was good about Michael Jackson and now we’re just feeding an always-hungry industry (long live Sony – and they probably will).

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