The over-negotiator

It’s a species that likes to talk more than it likes doing things. He’s always afraid of not getting cheated by people. The reason is that he is probably cheated all the time. And the reason for being cheated all the time is probably because he makes all the wrong choices about people.
The negotiations become excessive either before the project begins or after it’s completed – or should we say that the original requirements have been completed. The latter is a real killer because you have already put so much effort and/or time and/or money into it and you see that it’s slipping through your fingers. The first is also annoying but you still have a choice of getting out before it’s too late.
These people are the reason for which I think at least twice before embarking on some projects. These people like getting everything for very little. They don’t care how much you work, they don’t care what you do; they just know that you should do it all for them regardless of what the project was about and when you do it all for them they’re still concerned that they might have been cheated – it just might have been too easy for you.
So the bottom line is watch out for over-negotiators. Get out of it before it’s too late. Otherwise you will just loose time and money.

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